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Shari’a Advisor

Dr. Muniruddeen Lallmahomood

Chief Executive Officer


Shah Nawaz Paraouty

Chief Operating Officer


Tawfick Udhin

Chief Financial Officer 


Houmayd Rawat

Legal & Compliance Officer


Mohammad Ashad Noorbux

Risk Manager & MLRO 

Bait Al-Mashura

Finance Consultations 

Bait Al-Mashura Finance Consultations is the first Shari'a advisory firm which is based in the State of Qatar and was established to provide Shari'a advisory services and other services such as consultancy and training & development of human capital for Islamic financial services industry. The company is headed by international-renowned scholars in the field of Islamic Finance and Economics and well versed in the mechanics of modern financial instruments to ensure that its clients remain competitive and comply with the Sharia principles.


Dr. Osama Qais Al-Dereai

CEO and Managing Director  

Dr. Osama Qais Al-Dereai holds an M.A in Islamic Science from IIUM, Malaysia and a PhD in Islamic Financial Transaction from University Malaya, Malaysia. Dr. Osama, as a member of various Sharia Supervisory Board (SSB) has many contributions in setting up Islamic instruments and developing products for various Islamic financial institutions. As a co-founder of the European Institution of Islamic Finance, he is currently chairing the committee for promulgating Islamic Finance Standards in collaboration with the Austrian Standards Institute.


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