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Our Products and Services



We have the expertise, experience and know-how to act as an intermediary between clients seeking capital (debt and/or equity) and capital providers. We provide the following services:


Debt Advisory

• Islamic bilateral loans

• Islamic loan syndications

• Islamic trade finances

• Debt restructuring and

• Islamic structured products such

as Sukuk and securitization of assets

• Islamic Commercial Papers

The component of Islamic investment banking can be as diverse as conventional investment banking. At CBC, we propose a wide range of investment products within the tenets of Shari’a with a view to provide you with excellent returns.


CBC offers its services by advising, structuring, arranging, underwriting and/or distributing the following customised Islamic products and services:




Asset Management


We provide funding alternatives to potential borrowers and attractive investment opportunities to investors across various asset classes and sectors, particularly income generating products in our target markets.

Corporate Financing


We create structured solutions to match your business needs and risk profiles in order to enhance your market competitiveness and improve your business performance.

Islamic Products

This refers to a sale contract whereby the Bank sells to a customer at an agreed profit margin plus cost, a specified kind of asset that is already in their possession.

An agreement  made by the Bank to lease to a customer a specified asset for an agreed period of time against specified instalments of lease rental. This form financing is suitable for financing of properties and vehicles.

Murabaha Financing


Distribution of financial products


We are licensed as a Distributor of financial products and with the collaboration of recognized fund managers or issuers, we bring Shari’a compliant products to our clients to meet their investment objectives.

The Bank proposes customised financial solutions to suit your business requirements.

Other Islamic Facilities

Investment products


We understand that each and every client’s profile is unique, this is why we have designed structured products that will enable you to maximise your returns in the most effective manner. Our investment solutions comprise of:  

Mudarabah Certificates 

A structured product, specifically created to provide institutional, corporate entities and ultra-high net worth investors the opportunity to establish a fruitful partnership with the first Islamic bank and to maximize their income through a profit distribution ratio.


Al Awwal Investment Account 

A private banking product, designed especially for corporate, institutions and high net worth individuals who are looking forward to a regular stream of income.


Commodity Murabaha Term Deposit 

This is a fixed income product exclusively created  for corporate and institutional clients who are highly risk sensitive and looking for guaranteed deposits and returns. This product involves the purchase and sale of Shari’a approved commodities and the profit rate is known upfront.

Equity Advisory

• Equity valuations

• Equity restructuring

• Buy and sell side advice

• Private equity opportunities

• Mergers and acquisitions, and

• Initial public offerings.

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